Saturday, December 26, 2009

African Children's Choir/Silent Night!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Update on the Falchooks!

Ok! So I have sort of been MIA regarding true blogging in the past several months. I have opted VLOGGING rather than writing for at least half of this year. And although I admit that a written blog is more heartfelt most of the time than the video blogs, I have enjoyed learning about video production etc. Still, after posting and editing 13 videos last week (after my Christian Appalachian Project trip), I have to say this week I have been laying low with the video and blogging. Mostly it is because I have been getting ready for Christmas but also reflecting. I have spent this week in a very pensive mood.

I have recently started this intermittent fast that has inspired me to spend my days worshiping, reading the bible, worshiping, singing, praying. It has been really interesting and great. The fast is until 5 everyday and then I eat what I want (don't worry Mom if you are reading this..I am staying healthy). Some call it a diet. I just really think lowering my caloric intake has been great for me...Bottom line is that it is either the Christmas season or the fact that I am spending more time in intensive prayer or worship, but I am really feeling God in my life. Not only God but His power and favor. This isn't manifesting itself in terms of major money like winning the lottery or having a major career opportunity drop in my lap. It just is that I can feel and see my life being transformed and delivered into a new place for HIm. I still don't know exactly what it is but I believe that He will use our experiences from our old 'field' and bring them into a new area that will truly honor Him. So, I wait and watch and spend time with HIM..worshiping Him, and listening....

So, we continue to be able to express ourselves through music as well as writing. This past weekend I was able to lead worship at our church and really really enjoyed it. There were so many interesting little nuggets of confirmation that the Lord gave me leading up to the worship etc. And after wards someone came up to me and told me that they think God had wanted me to get a taste of what it was really like to use the skills he has refined in me to His glory. So, I was inspired to start planning some worship whether in my own home or with my friends who wanted me to provide music for a WORSHIP FOR LIFE event. So i am excited. ALSO, one of the girls I have been ministering to 'post abortion' (she was worshiping at our church this week) said to me that the Lord told her when she was looking at me on stage that "I will restore you like I have restored her." I think that was the sweetest thing to hear. This woman has been really having a very hard time...PRAISE GOD that He encourages.


I am also seriously in love and in awe of all of my kids...maybe it is the fast or just the benefit of time in getting to really know them, but I really do love them more everyday.

Last night, the kids spontaneously pulled out their bibles and have announced that we will study together. Grace who is still learning to really read sat quietly reading Genesis and then continued to explain the story of ADAM AND EVE to me after reading an NIV bible. She then starts talking about how Adam and Eve 'hid' from God. Matea then looks at me and says "it's okay for God to see us naked isn't it?" So, we spend time reading books 3-6 in genesis. The kids wake up in the morning and are reading cute and cool.

Samantha is home and had a great first semester in college. She is on the Dean's list. We are so proud. She is planning on doing an internship in NYC for the summer at a PR firm. So, we are looking for a place for her to stay while there for a few weeks this summer.

Andrew is studying Hebrew and will have a barmitzvah next year at a Messianic temple. We are Christian but because of his lineage and Mark's background, Andrew will follow the family tradition and study Hebrew. Our Pastor actually was the one to find a Christian rabbi to guide Andrew. Andrew is also still a huge baseball fan. He watches baseball 24/7 and has a ball in his hand wayyy too much. He is also the one in the family determined to start up a daily bible study.

When I think of Grace I literally find myself getting all teared up. She is so courageous and quiet. When her two siblings were brought to the orphanage the grandmother was NOT going to bring Grace. THe neighbor convinced her to not separate them. So, I watch Grace who although is not the oldest in our family, is very much the older sister. She is very protective of her siblings and is such a little mother and helper to me. She is precious and to see her bond to Mark as well and now reading and longing to learn more about God and ask questions about Heaven so sweet.

Ella is so sweet too. I will never forgot how she wanted to jump out the window when she first came here. She had such a dark cloud around her. Now i can't get her to stop laughing. She always wants hugs from me and is so good with Matea. She wants me to cradle her in my arms every night and insists on my hugging her 8 times every day. She also is still making me tea every day. She is so beautiful and precious.

Jared struggles sometimes with anger and will stomp his feet or throw his hands in the air and say "I quit' because I tell him to pick up his pants or something basic (my theory is that he has some Italian blood as the Italians at one point tried to conquer ethiopia...because sometimes he is very italianish). I am learning that if he doesn't get a nap or eat enough he is a monster so we work around that. Put him to sleep and he wakes up a new happy boy. We have been discussing self control couched like this..."Jared listen to the good super hero in your head not the one that tells you to slam the door" etc....He is also very protective with the women in his life (also very italianish-I like that made up word). Holds the door open for me and just wants responsibility. He wants us to give him jobs to do and he is thrilled.

Matea is uber smart and so cute. She always has the best one liners and the best laugh. She also is not shy at all. I think of how she truly was born of my heart. I just longed for her before she was born and even turned away the first referral we had because I KNEW I would be able to identify her once I met her. The second referral was MATEA and I knew it before I even laid eyes on her picture. She has just been such a joy...

Mark and I have been married for 22 years. This year was very slow for business. Without any prompting on my part he venuted outside of him comfort zone. He had spent his entire professional year as a musician but now in order to bring in more money for the family grabbed a salesman job at Nordstroms to help us to get by. He works very hard and loves our family very much. I feel blessed to be his wife but also blessed to be able to create music with him. We have worked together very well for years.

My year was amazing with a number one best selling book on Amazon and then an opportunity and new passion to interview mothers and bring to light the awesomeness of motherhood. But mainly , I guess i am truly happy to have really learned what it means to really live to honor God by taking care of His children. As much as I worry and complain about the decrease in work up in NYC, i have also had a year that has given me an opportunity to spend quality time with my children and husband. Mostly, I am ready now for a new decade and continue to approach life as an adventure. I cannot wait until each new day...I just long to hear from the Lord and watch as He creates a new way to use our talents for His glory.

Blessings, D

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Knishmas from our Family! VIDEO!

Apparently there is a cartoon on the cartoon network called CHOWDER. After making this video my kids have informed me that Jared was referring to the episode called Merry Knishmas

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas ELF CARD of Falchook Family!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Monday, December 14, 2009


One of the many videos from MOTHER THE WORLD...BTW..this song and CD are available for sale either at MOTHER THE WORLD or TO BE A MOTHER and book can be purchased still at AMAZON...great gift for the women in your life.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Five Kids, Ten Dollars, Dad at the Dollar store

Uncle Tim sent us 10 dollars wanting to see Mark at the Dollar Store with the kids...this is the result....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Runaway Rabbit Owners discuss Motherhood

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Mary Lou Kirby 2007 Mother of the Year(KY) and Motherhood

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Marriage, Motherhood and a Pedicure

We had fun in between 3 interviews and a visit to the pregnancy clinic in Bowling green KY...there are several videos that I am uploading to our MOTHER THE WORLD blog that will take you on our Appalachian KY.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mother the World (Intro to tour in December)

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